Get that Kindle going…?

I haven’t tried this yet, but will give it a try soon…

This allows the Amazon Kindle App to be installed on a non-US Touchpad… watch this space for success details !




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First things first…

The GUI is smooth and intuitive. I especially like the Just Type functionality.  It seamlessly integrates with websearch, contacts, mail and messaging allowing you to ‘just type’ details and it comes with suggestions.

We have the TP for ‘family use’ and the lack of “accounts” is a pain.  One user’s mail and Skype accounts are configured, but the rest of us can’t use Skype, and to retrieve gmail we have to go to the Google website where, not to make too much of an issue, but it really doesn’t work.  To get any sort of service you have to use the ‘basic html’ version, and then when you view a mail you cannot scroll down past the bottom of the page 😦

Moving from gmail, on to Google+ gives similar ‘performance’… the hyper links in the Notifications simply don’t work…not sure if that’s a WebOS rendering/functionality issue, or whether it is because of how Google have implemented their webpages. 

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This is it!

Well, here we go. Touchpad (TP) arrived and kicked off. Over the next few weeks we’ll see what works and what doesn’t. Follow this for regular updates!

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